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The mission of the Olympia Fields Educational Commission is to promote educational excellence in the primary and secondary school systems that serve the residents of Olympia Fields.

The Commission meets the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm at the Village Hall. The public is invited. For more information, contact the Village Hall at 708-503-8000



Click here to view the annual report for the Educational Commission and supporting documents. 


Olympia Fields Education Commission Awards Mini Grants for 2016

Marisa Banowski; Illinois/162, 7th and 8th Grade Math. $820.
Gloria Chatman; Huth Middle School/162, 7th and 8th grades, Art, Mathematics, Consumer Education, Humanitarianism., $972.
Patti Cocoran; Lincoln-Gavin/170, Special Ed K to 3rd grades. $225.
Michelle Dixon; Sauk Elementary/162, 4th through 6th grades. Support group. $379.
Angela Foushi; Kennedy/170, 4th Grade. Reading Center. $903.
Kisha Houston; Illinois School/162, K thru 8th library. Audiobooks. $966.
Diane Kostovski; Garfield School/170, 1st grade. Math $820.
Leah Lacey; Illinois/162, 4th – 8th grades.  Peer $226.
Klentoria Lee-Clements; Washington-McKinley/170, 4th – 8th grades. Reading $997.
Kelli Malone and Nicki Gloude; Illinois School/162,  Reptile Show. $1000.
Meghan Michals; Southland/ 162, grades 9-12. Mediation Program. $986.
Elena Morone; Illinois School/162, K thru 8th grade Spanish. $1000.
Christine White; Southland/ 162, 9th thru 12th grades. $936.

13 total awards
Total $10,230

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 Request for Mini-Grant Proposals

 Mini Grant Agreement Form



In 2005, the Village of Olympia Fields began a Visioning Plan setting forth goals, objectives and strategies to improve the Village's economic base and overall quality of life. Over a series of public workshops, some 75 key stakeholders came together and crafted a Visioning Statement. As a direct result of the defined objectives, the Village created an Educational Commission to help move our community on the road to Educational Excellence.

For more information on Visioning Process, click here.

To read the ordinance establishing the Educational Commission, click here.




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