2015  MiniGrant Details

These are the 15 mini-grants that were chosen by the committee to be awarded. The mini-grants are presented to encourage creative, out-of-the-box thinking by classroom teachers. Applicants are asked to identify the particular Illinois Learning Standard/ Common Core Standard targeted by their proposal.

Tamara Arrington from Rich Central High School in SD 227 is awarded $1000.00 to purchase a student laptop and camera for the Arts, Audio Visual Broadcasting  (AVB) and Communication career cluster. The content that students master includes communication skills, leadership skills, human relations and employability skills.

Amy Boyle from Sauk School in SD 162 is awarded $507.89 to implement a school-wide, student-run bookstore. The “Eagle Bookstore” will be run by students with special learning needs, benefiting 390 students in grades four through six. The proceeds from the sales of books will sustain the program and purchase additional books of interest. 

Dana Calderon from Sauk School in SD 162 is awarded $972.53 to purchase non-fiction books related to fifth grade subjects for the classroom library. The children will benefit greatly from literature to assist in a stronger, in depth understanding of the subject.

Tabitha Coleman from Wilson School in SD 170 is awarded $998.28 for Arithmetickles Math Night to benefit 281 students and their families. Getting parents involved is both a top priority and an ongoing challenge, especially in mathematics. An Ice Cream Social and Family Math Night will involve them in reasoning, puzzles and games to reinforce math concepts.

Philip Crews from Rich Central High School in SD 227 is awarded $897.00 to purchase three Squire Affinity Jazz Bass Packs.  There are 25 Jazz Students and 65 Band Students that would have access to these instruments. Since the feeder schools do not train the students with this instrument, when they get into high school they must be taught all the basics and then advance through the program in groups of percussionists.  Current materials are dilapidated and beyond repair.

Angela Foushi from Kennedy School in SD 170 is awarded $856.46 to purchase materials for math centers and independent study for her 22 fourth grade students. These items will also be used for remediation with 5th and 6th grade students. Math Centers can provide review, practice and enrichment for all students.

Linda Green, K. Baker, B. Bradshaw, J. Collins, A. Daniels, A. Flanagan, D. Gant and S. Healy from Illinois School in SD162 are awarded $1000.00 to purchase a common, planned, sequential, explicit writing program to be used with 246 students in grades 2 through 6. This will help students to clearly communicate through writing to offer and support opinions, demonstrate an understanding of the subjects they are studying and convey experiences and events for a variety of tasks and purposes.

Jennifer Krichbaum from Illinois School in SD 162 is awarded $1000.00 to purchase non-fiction science and social studies information texts and materials for centers and project based learning in her second grade classroom. Reading across content areas will help 48 students to develop fluency, knowledge-based assessments, application, speaking and writing.

Amie Leib from Huth Middle School School in SD162 is awarded $300.00 to purchase books and CDs for a unit on Maya Angelou. The unit targets 86 seventh and eighth grade students to engage in rich, meaningful discussions while having the opportunity to read “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” and learning about the legacy of Maya Angelou.

Karen Lane from Huth Middle School in SD 162 is awarded $395.95 to purchase supplies for a food unit for seventh and eighth graders in Spanish classes. They will have opportunities to practice vocabulary in authentic situations. Seeing, touching and using  currency will increase interest and retention.

Stephanie Licker from Serena Hills School in SD 161 is awarded $270.00 for 4th grade students to participate in Egypt Unwrapped Class at the Field Museum. This allows them to examine Egyptian scriptures, listen to myths about ancient gods and goddesses, wrap a mummy replica and examine real mummies through CT scans. They explore the question, “What do stories, legends and art tell about the culture of the people who created them?”  *Pictures

Kelli Malone and Nicki Gloude from Illinois School in SD 162 are awarded $278.16 to purchase Writing Units for 47 first graders. The teacher conferences with students on a daily basis and helps children be successful and fluent writers.

Luann Parduhn from Matteson School in SD 162 is awarded $712.83 to purchase interactive materials for use with the Smart board by 100 students. These learning tools will be used to introduce, review and re-teach curriculum. This technology will be used to benefit students for many years.

Kelly Richardson from Richton Square in SD 162 is awarded $957.89 to purchase science materials for use by 136 students in two Early Childhood and three At-Risk Prekindergarten classes.  The books and materials will be rotated among the five classes to provide science activities and experiments so the children may engage and expand their pre-academic learning. By developing and expanding the science program, the students will develop in all areas of academics.. This will prepare them for future success in school.

Kelly Stadter from Rich Central High School in SD 227 is awarded $180.00 to purchase materials to review and prepare students in her AP Statistics class for their AP exam. This is a senior level course and scoring 3, 4, or 5 on the exam will earn them college credit.

 Total awards $10,326.98

Reggie Ford
Karen McCray
Ilene Waite