2016 Mini Grant Details

Olympia Fields Educational Commission

2016 Mini Grants

Marisa Banowski; Illinois/162, 7th and 8th Grade Math. The grant will be used to purchase five Texas Instruments TI-83 graphing calculators and materials to help students become proficient in their use for functions, algorithms, plot slopes and graphs. This is aligned with high school math. $820.

Gloria Chatman; Huth Middle School/162, 7th and 8th grades. The grant will purchase materials for a beading unit combining Art, Mathematics, Consumer Education and Humanitarianism. Students will create art jewelry, calculate cost of labor and materials and determine a retail price, $972.

Patti Cocoran; Lincoln-Gavin/170, Special Education Kindergarten to 3rd grade. Students will cultivate a vegetable garden and learn about a healthy diet. These students with special needs will develop skills in language arts, math, science and writing. $225.

Michelle Dixon; Sauk Elementary/162, 4th through 6th grades. Rainbows for All Children will provide social and emotional learning through a support group. Students are able to express feelings and share their grief due to death, divorce, deployment, incarceration or life threatening illness. $379.

Angela Foushi; Kennedy/170, 4th Grade. The grant will purchase materials for a reading center. Set up for independent study for the 4th grade classroom , the center will also serve for remedial study for 5th and 6th grades and enrichment for grades 2nd and 3rd grades. $903.

Kisha Houston; Illinois School/162, K thru 8th library. Playaway Audiobooks will be purchased for use throughout the grades.  They can be used individually and for classroom or small group activities. $966.

Diane Kostovski; Garfield School/170, 1st grade. Grant will purchase supplies to introduce concepts of Operations and Algebraic thinking, among others. Materials will be shared by three primary classrooms and will include home extension activities. Includes manipulatives and other center activities. $820.

Leah Lacey; Illinois/162, 4th – 8th grades.  Grant will purchase materials to start a peer mediation program. Ten students will be trained in mediation and dispute settlement. Any students among the population of 250 who need here settling a dispute may be referred by a teacher or themselves to the mediation process.. $226.

Klentoria Lee-Clements; Washington-McKinley/170, 4th – 8th grades. Materials will be purchased to enhance vocabulary and reading comprehension for below grade level readers. This “Enrichment Reading Program” will reinforce basic skills while encouraging independent study. $997.

Kelli Malone and Nicki Gloude; Illinois School/162, The “in school field trip” will bring Jim Nesci, an expert in reptiles, with his reptiles to Illinois School for his “Cold Blooded Creatures Educational Show.” Students will be broken into K-3, 4-6 and 7-8 groups for the hands on presentations. $1000.

Meghan Michals; Southland/ 162, grades 9-12. The grant will fund a mediation program to help students manage their emotions and stress levels. This will also involve mediating peer conflicts and taking responsibility for their actions and creating solutions. $986.

Elena Morone; Illinois School/162, K thru 8th grade Spanish. All students in this school are learning Spanish. This grant will celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the “Restaurante Mejicano.” Students will act as customers, wait staff and hosts. Spanish speaking parents will also be included. Well planned comprehensive program will also get some funding from students and PTO. $1000.

Christine White; Southland/ 162, 9th thru 12th grades. Grant will purchase Adobe Photoshop software for six computers, allowing opportunities to learn editing skills, basic design principles and creative thinking. Involvement in projects will teach planning, processing, product creation  and innovative problem solving. $936.

13 total awards
Total $10,230