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                  WHEREAS, the Village of Olympia Fields is located within Elementary School Districts 161, 162, and 170, and High School Districts 206, 227, and 233; and
            WHEREAS, both the educational quality and financial health of these School Districts are matters of vital concern to the residents of Olympia Fields; and
             WHEREAS, the Corporate Authorities of the Village of Olympia Fields are vitally interested in the educational quality and financial health of the School District serving the Village; and
            WHEREAS, the continued growth and stability of the Village itself are related to the quality of educational services provided to our residents; and
             WHEREAS, the Village is fortunate to have many residents with particular expertise in areas related to the operation and management of educational institutions, and/or interest; and
             WHEREAS, the President and Board of Trustees have determined that harnessing these skills and talents by the creation of an Educational Commission will further the goals of providing valuable analysis, information and advice to municipal and educational leaders in the Village, including those leaders in District 161, 162, and 170 and District 206, 227, and 233; and
              WHEREAS, the President and Board of Trustees recognize that the governance of the School District is left to the discretion of the elected members of the respective School Boards and nothing in the functioning of the Commission created pursuant to this Ordinance is intended in any way to interfere with such lawful authority;


            Section 1:        Chapter 2 of the Olympia Fields Village Code, "Administration," is hereby
amended by adding the following Sections 2-207 – 2-210, "Educational Policy Commission":

Section 2-207.  Establishment; Appointment; Term; Liaison.


(a)     The Educational Commission is established.  The Commission shall consist of fifteen (15) standing members appointed by the Village President with the consent of the Board of Trustees. In addition the Commission shall include six (6) ex-officio members representing each of the six school districts operating within the corporate boundaries of Olympia Fields, with members appointed by the respective school districts. Eight (8) members of the initial commission shall be appointed for a two-year term and the remaining seven (7) members appointed for a one-year term.  Thereafter, all appointments shall be for a two-year term. Ex-officio members shall serve at the discretion of the respective school districts.

                       (b)     The fifteen (15) member Commission shall be composed of 

representatives with background and experience from the following categories:  one (1) member shall be selected from a standing member of the Village Board of Trustees; one (1) member with background in law enforcement; one (1) member with a background in law preferably with legal experience in municipal or school district representation; two (2) regional representatives with experience in primary/secondary education; two (2) student representatives; two (2) PTO members with residency in Olympia Fields; two (2) parent representatives with children attending school in the district and residing in Olympia Fields; one (1) representative from the Chicago Southland Business Community; three (3) at-large Olympia Fields resident members.


(c)     Priority will be given to candidates for appointment to the      Commission with particular regard to their expertise in areas such as educational administration, public finance and teaching. 

Section 2-208.   Chair and Secretary of Commission.


(a)     The Village President shall appoint one member of the Commission to

       serve as chairperson.  The remaining members shall select one of their   

       members to serve as Secretary.  The Village Administrator shall serve

       as Staff Coordinator to the Commission.  The Commission shall

       conduct its meetings and maintain its minutes in accordance with the

       Illinois Open Meetings Act.

(b)    The Commission shall meet quarterly and provide for additional special meetings, forums or field activities as they deem necessary, to fulfill the      mission and charges set forth by the board of trustees.  The Commission may appoint subcommittees to perform particular functions and study particular issues.

            Section 2.209.  Mission and Charges for the Commission

(A)   The mission for the Olympia Fields Educational Commission shall be “to  promote education excellence of the primary and secondary school systems that serves the residents of Olympia Fields.”                                                                                                                          

(B)   The Commission will foster and facilitate the following operational goals and objectives:

a.       To develop an Olympia Fields Educational Marketing Program outlining success stories, accomplishments and achievements from the various school districts that service our community.  Marketing programs should highlight positive aspects of our local schools to impact perception of our school district.

b.      To provide input to the various school districts that will service the Village providing recommendations to the governing authorities on policies and programs to promote educational excellence. 

c.       To facilitate open communications with the School Administration, teachers and parents, on a clear and shared focus to achieve adopted educational goals and objectives.

d.      To maximize parental involvement with the school system through the establishment of educational forums, creation of special Ad-Hoc Committees, letter writing campaigns, parent/teacher conference participation as well as instituting mechanisms to increase the regular participation with the various school boards that service the district.

e.       As an on-going core principle; to review all-school facilities and standards that serve students within each of Olympia Fields respective school districts in the areas of capacity, operation and maintenance, capital improvements, code violations and the identification of any facilities that require renovation, repair or remediation.

f.        To utilize community and political influence to leverage positive change promoting educational excellence for the respective school districts that serve the Village.

g.       To promote local support of state, regional, county and local initiatives that will enhance the mission of the school district that service our community.  This support may include grassroots campaigns to foster local referendums, state legislative amendments, creation of local policy and programs, initiatives for school financing reform and other activities that would enhance the mission of the school district community.

h.       To benchmark the local schools that serve our residents against schools from other districts to encourage new ideas, program initiatives, improve the overall performance of the school district and promote individual achievement of our students.

i. To review the strategic plans published for each of the school systems serving the Village, identifying strengths and weaknesses in accomplishing the goal for educational excellence, improve test scores, overall performance of the students and any corrective actions instituted by the South Cook Intermediate Service District.

                              j.        To provide information to the Village of Olympia Fields Board of Trustees on an   array of scholastic demographics and data reflecting the district’s accomplishments in meeting their respective strategic plans including but not limited to, standardized test scores, curriculum, extra curricular activities, changes in district policy and programs, scope facilities and finance and budgetary matters.

k.      To provide forums for potential school board candidates and union leadership affording opportunities for citizen evaluation.

l. To act as a resource for community school-based groups focused on quality education.

m.     Foster and promote mechanisms to create a strong sense of teamwork among teachers and staff across all grades and all schools within and between respective districts.  Encourage the involvement and conductivity to each other, including parents and members of the community for the identification of problems constraining progress and the opportunities to creatively explore and work on solutions that will facilitate a culture of educational excellence. 

Section 2.210.  Duties and Authority.                                                                                     

            The Commission shall have the following duties and authority:

(a)     To examine the performance of public schools serving residents of the

      Village of Olympia Fields.

            (b)  To examine the financial status of such schools.


(b)    To evaluate the performance of such schools in relation to the

       performance of schools statewide and, in particular, schools within the   

      Chicago South Suburban Region.


(c)     To evaluate the effectiveness of current educational policies regarding

       such matters as student performance, attendance and discipline.


            (e) To study whether financial resources are being appropriately allocated.


(f)     To advise the Board of Trustees with respect to any future requests for

      referendum approval.


(g)    To determine whether Village resources may be appropriately devoted

      to assisting such educational institutions.


(h)    To attend School Board meetings and otherwise participate in activities of the school districts on an on-going basis.


(i)      To undertake such tasks as may be assigned from time to time by the

Village President and Board of Trustees.

            Section 2-210.  Periodic Reports.

            (a) The Commission shall annually on or about July 1 of each year submit a formal written report to the President and Board of Trustees.  The annual report shall be reviewed at a meeting of the Board of Trustees.  The annual report shall set forth the findings and recommendations of the commission with respect to any matters analyzed or studied during the pervious year.  The Commission shall at its discretion submit reports to the President and Board of Trustees throughout the year on matters of particular interest or importance to the community. 


            (b) It is the intent of the President and the Board of Trustees to support this Commission with an annual allocation from the Village’s General Fund and/or other revenues received from Federal, State and/or Foundation support.  To this objective, the Commission shall prepare a proposed annual budget complete with a formal request for funding accompanied with supporting documentation no later than January 15th of each year to afford review by the Village Administrator, Finance Director, Finance Committee as well as the Village President and the Board of Trustees.  A budget allocation will be formally considered by the President and the Board of Trustees and appropriated consistent with availability of budgetary resources.

            Section 2:        Limitation.      Nothing in this Ordinance is intended to interfere with or encroach upon the lawful authority of any of the School Districts or their respective Board of Education Members.  The Educational Commission's mission is fact finding and advisory only in the interests of the overall growth and well being of the Village of Olympia Fields.

            Section 3:        Effective Date.  This Ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage and approval, and shall subsequently be published in pamphlet form as provided by law.


            PASSED on first reading (and tabled to next meeting) this       day of __________, 2006.


                                                                        VILLAGE CLERK                                                             

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