Educational Grants 


The Educational Commission of Olympia Fields offered mini-grants to all teachers who are employed in the school districts and at schools that serve the Village of Olympia Fields. Information on applying was sent to the administrators and principals of the schools where the teachers were eligible to apply for the grants of up to $1000. All grant funds were to be used specifically to support the academic success of students.

A Mini-grant summary page was due by July 1, 2011 and was limited to one page, double spaced. The actual mini-grant application was due by October 24, 2011 and included teacher application information, principal information, demographics of class/ population targeted, overview of mini-grant proposal and budget information. 

Ten proposals were approved for grants of $1000 each:

Amanda Godin, District 162, Indiana School. Project: Vocabulary/Spelling subscriptions; 9 sets of individual dry boards; portable word wall. This project targets small group instruction; technology modality available to students and teachers; progress monitoring is built into the program. Will serve students in grades 4 to 6 (421 students).

Matthew Dawson, District 162, Indiana School. Project: Everyday Math Game Kits for four levels: 1 year building license to access. The M ath Games  will provide concrete examples and practice of math principles as it applies to lives of students. Online access involves the technology modality. Will serve students in grades 3 to 6 and special education.

Barbara Rada, District 162, Richton Square School. Project: Tactical and sensory art materials to support the visual arts program. Tactical and sensory experiences are critical modes of learning at the primary level. Will serve Pre-K (120 students).

Denna Rallins, L. Green and J. Graves, District 162, Illinois School. Project: Art, Language Arts and Social Studies Collaborative Project: History Fair featuring events, inventions and people. This project features learning activities which highlight individual book publishing, related art projects and formal presentations. Will serve grades 6 to 8 (172 students).

Elisa Lawrence and Melissa Sharpe, District 162, Illinois School. Small group reading experiences for primary students are provided through "Baggy Books." These books target early readers and utilize parent volunteers as one on one reading buddies. "Baggy Books" accomodate emergent readers and involve parents in the learning process. Will serve grades K and 1 (77 students).

Stephanie Newman Healy, District 162, Illinois School. Project: 3rd grade gifted students will build and maintain a greenhouse that will be accessible to the entire student population. This project targets going green, growing plants (botany) and eating healthy food. Will serve grades K to 8 (441 students).

Carol Gockman, District 162, Illinois School. Project: Students will work in small collabborative teams to use the elementary programming language Logo to direct the actions of "roamer" type robots. This project involves students in basic computer programming and debugging techniques to fix logical errors. Targets science and math akills. Provides unique learning experiences. Will serve grades 5 and 6 (107 students).

Kelli Berghs and Nicki Berman, District 162, Illinois School. Project: Consists of hosting three sessions of Parent University at Illinois School and the purchase of leveled readers. The program targets families of students that need additional support in reading It involves both the students and their parents in targeted reading workshops on reading fluency, comprehension strategies, phonics and choosing books for students to read at home. Will serve grades K-3 (50 students).

Beverly Schultz, District 162, Illinois School. Project: Targets the different learning modalities of special needs students utilizing headphones. Special education students have individual education plans that address each student's learning style. A range of materials and equipment are needed. Will serve students 13 to 15 years of age with special needs.

David Rupert, District 162, Arcadia School. This proposal plans to purchase a climbing wall for Arcadia School. Funds from this grant will be combined with other funds to make the purchase. Provides a unique experience for physical education in a school setting. All students K to 4 will have access.