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: Hi there, I just wanted to send you a quick email on behalf of my daughter Alyssa. Alyssa just started the sixth grade and is enrolled in an after school STEM program that starts next week. The program is set up to help kids deepen their understanding in engineering, math, science and technology. Alyssa's class learned a lot about engineering in their last science unit last year, so she is super excited to dive into this STEM program. Alyssa has insisted on doing research on her own to learn more about STEM before her program starts. She has been doing research on her own at night and my one requirement is she can only go on safe and kid friendly websites and of course I am over her shoulder most of the time. Last night, Alyssa came across your page I just wanted to personally thank you for making it. You have some great resources and information that really taught her a lot about STEM. Alyssa also found this great page that I thought would fit really nicely with the information on your page. "Tips for Getting Girls Involved in STEM" Would you consider adding it for me? I would love to surprise her and show her that her research will help other girls learn all about STEM! Thank you so much, Taylor Roberts

Department of Education

This site has many links to help with Science, Mathematics, Reading, etc.

Credit Repair - Learning About Money - Resources for Kids
This site is recommended by Courtney Phillips and her students in order to benefit other kids. Also recommended by Lindsay Finley. Thanks for the addition kids!


As ERIC web page states, “ERIC provides free access to more than 1.2 million bibliographic records of journal articles and other education-related materials and, if available, includes links to full text. ERIC is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences (IES).

Free Scores and More
This site is recommended by Mary, a student of tutor Susan Lowe. Mary learned that games can make math fun and she wants to share this site with other reluctant math learners. Thanks, Mary!


National Library of Virtual Math Manipulatives

From number operations, algebra, geometry, probability, data analysis, and measurement, this site is a treasure trove of activities that integrate games and/or active learning while the child is mastering the concept.


Free online graph paper

If you have children like mine, then you have been asked for graph paper at 8:30 pm and do not know how you will get it on time for the required homework assignment.  This site has various types of graph papers that you can download for free!


Visual Fractions

This site presents fractions is various ways and allows the student to further attune her skills with this necessary math function.


Create a Graph

This is a wonderful site that has multiple ways of creating a graph.  Good to use for Science Fair presentations.

A site that has many math games and is heavy of visual graphics.



Any math teacher will tell you that this is one of the best math sites available.  Illuminations is sponsored by the National Council of Teachers in Mathematics.


 United States Mint for Kids

This site if great if your child is into collecting coins (or doing a paper on money).


A graphing calculator on line!

Higher level math portal with links to many sites like cube, cube root, squares, factorials, etc.

The link to the site below is one of hundreds of sites that are available from Surfnetkids.  The link below has activities for prime numbers.


National Geographic

This site has maps and activities for Science or History.

History of Money
Lists a number of sources for the history of money.

US Insurance Agents

Resource listing links to many helpful sites. Thanks Debra Coleman!


These resources were sent to us by Jasmine Dyoco from Educator Labs  They include many references useful to parents and, especially to educators. It contains a treasure of ideas, activities and lesson plans with new ideas and new approaches. Teaching history through food - how cool is that? Thanks Jasmine!

 Nutrition Education: Resources for Middle and High School 
Teaching World War One History through Food 
STEM-Works Activities 
Financial Literacy and Real Estate Investment Lesson Plans 
Biology Lesson Plans: Activities, Experiments, and Science Labs 
The Educator’s Guide to Building and Construction 
7 Practices for Effective Learning 
Smartphones as Tools for Education: Getting Smart With Smartphones 
Education World: Using Technology in the Classroom 

A Guide to Classroom Technologies that Increase Learning: An Educator’s Resource   


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