Olympia Fields Education Commission Request for Mini-Grant Proposals

Olympia Fields Education Commission Purpose

One goal of the Olympia Fields Education Commission that enables the issuance of the Mini Grants:  “…is to support and promote local (school) initiatives that enhance the mission of the school districts that serve our community to achieve adopted educational goals and objectives.”

                                Olympia Fields ordinance #2-207   

Grant Eligibility and Limitations

All Teachers who are employed in School Districts at schools that serve the Village of Olympia Fields are eligible to apply for grants in the amounts of up to $1000. All grant funds must be used to support the academic success of students as evidenced by mastery of the Illinois Learning Standards and Common Core Learning Standards in the subject area(s) outlined in the proposal.  A teacher may apply for one grant per school-year.                


Grant Application Due Date:

On or before Friday, 

Implementation Start Date:

On or before Monday, 

Mini-Grant  Targeted Impact Page

Due: On or before Monday, .


      Limit this document to one-page.

       Include a copy of the actual itemized budget and copies of receipts. The budget can be listed on a separate page.

Mini-Grant Teacher Applicant Information





Subject(s) area of Grant

·         Agreement Form- Signed and Attached.

Mini-Grant Principal  Information





·         Agreement Form- Signed and Attached. 

Demographics of class/population targeted by this mini-grant.

How many students are targeted?

 # of Boys_____       # of Girls____

Age Range

Criteria for students to participate in the Mini-Grant (Information may be included in Mini-Grant Overview.) 

Overview of Mini-Grant Proposal

In 300 words or less describe how the teacher will use the funds to show evidence of (1) standards alignment (2) student engagement (3) mastery of standards and (4) school/community engagement as result of implementing this proposal.

Proposed Budget

Attach a budget page which includes an itemized list and cost of all items to be purchased with mini-grant funds. List the vendor(s).  Indicate the total amount requested.